College Council and Committees

College Council

The College Council of each undergraduate college consists of an equal number of ex officio and elected members. The Council's main objective is to review the policies, practices, and procedures of the College.

The ex officio members of each undergraduate college consist of the Dean of the College, Associate and Assistant Deans, the chairpersons of all departments under the jurisdiction of the College, and any other administrators designated by the respective College CouncilThe Arts and Letters College Council consists of the deans, the chairpersons and selected directors, and an equal number of elected faculty members, and four student members (two undergraduate students and two graduate students.) Each year approximately one-third of the elected faculty, rotate off the College Council. A detailed description of the standing committees, a current roster, and past meeting minutes may be found on the College Council page

The meeting schedule for the upcoming academic year is posted in the Administrative Calendar. If you have suggestions for agenda items, please contact the Dean or the Executive Administrator to the Dean.