Welcoming New Faculty

Computer Needs

All computer hardware, software, and peripherals must be purchased through the Arts and Letters Computing Office using approved University suppliers. All computer software (paid, shareware and freeware) must have an approved software license review by Notre Dame General Counsel prior to purchase and installation. The Arts and Letters Computing Office will work with faculty and staff who need to submit applications for software license review.

New full-time, regular, T/TT, TPAC and research faculty members noted as having received a welcome letter are contacted by email and asked to select from recommended computer models. Computer orders must be placed by May 31 in order for computers to be ready for installation when offices are available for occupancy at the end of July. We work with late hires on a case by case basis to provide computers as quickly as possible based on their selections. Funding for the computer purchase is provided by the Campus Workstation Program (CWP). Costs that exceed the CWP allocation are paid by the faculty member's research and professional development account.

Visiting faculty members are offered the use of used desktop computers on a first-come, first-served basis. Adjunct faculty members are not provided with College computers.