Teaching and Service Expectations

Course Loads and Service Assignments

Tenure-line faculty in the College have a standard course schedule of 2:2, but variations are possible. 

The University made a decision to become a research university in the 1960s. At that time, tenure- and tenure-track faculty in the College were assigned a standard course schedule of 2:2. While most faculty have taken advantage of this reduced teaching schedule to increase research productivity, it is not universally true. The College has not formally adopted a policy assigning additional courses to faculty members whose research productivity is below expectations. However, a pattern of sub-standard research productivity ordinarily results in a below-standard raise or no raise. In order to provide faculty whose research productivity is below expectations with the opportunity to receive a standard or above standard raise, faculty may elect to accept additional courses or to continue exceptional service loads. Chairs are encouraged to explore options with faculty in these cases. In addition to voluntary arrangements of this sort, the Dean or divisional Associate Dean may assign additional courses or additional service to a faculty member whose research productivity has been substandard for a prolonged period of time.