Course Materials and Printing

Course Packets

Printed course packets can be ordered from FedEx Office located in the LaFortune Student Center.

  • FedEx Office, through its XanEdu service, provides high-quality, copyright-compliant course packet materials
  • To begin the course packet process, fill out the course packet order form, then email the form and any existing course material files and the source information for copyrighted content to
  • Hard copy materials can be dropped off at the LaFortune FedEx Office to be scanned.
  • Estimated end cost to students can be requested via the submission form.
  • Faculty will be contacted by a XanEdu representative to discuss special production needs.
  • Course packet orders should be submitted four weeks prior to when they will be used in class to ensure adequate time to secure rights, generate files, and printing.
  • Students can purchase course packets at FedEx Office in LaFortune. Questions about pickup or availability should be directed to Ann Durrell at

If you have questions about the revised coursepack ordering process, contact Rochelle Hockenberger at or call 1.800.218.5971, ext 6510.

Course packet order form