Renewal, Tenure, and Promotion for Tenure-Track Faculty

CRPT Meetings

Committee on Reviews, Promotions, and Tenure meetings must be conducted according to University and departmental procedures.

All members of the committee accept personal responsibility for assuring that reviews are procedurally correct, fair, and free of bias for all faculty members. Any procedural difficulties or other concerns about a review should first be brought to the attention of the chairperson or the relevant divisional Associate Dean. If CRPT members are uncertain about a procedure, they should contact either their divisional Associate Dean or the Dean before proceeding. Some departments appoint a member of the CRPT to oversee that written procedures are observed and that proceedings are carried out professionally and without bias.

Under the Academic Articles, CRPT meetings and deliberations are confidential. A breach of confidentiality is a serious violation of professional ethics. If a faculty member is unable or unwilling to act according to this policy, he or she should withdraw from all CRPT deliberations.