Miscellaneous Policies

Emeritus Office Space

The College recognizes the ongoing contributions that emeritus faculty provide to the intellectual life and activities of the College and its departments. To facilitate active emeriti in their pursuit of such ongoing, valuable contributions, the College will provide emeritus faculty with shared, semi-private office space, based on availability.

Retired faculty with emeritus status with a pre-retirement rank of regular faculty are eligible. Because of the limited pool of available offices, the Dean’s Office will determine allocations of emeritus faculty offices each spring, before the end of March.

By March 1 of each year, emeritus faculty or retiring faculty who wish to have an emeritus office in the upcoming year must make a formal request. The request form should be submitted to the Dean’s Office and should include a description of the faculty member’s teaching, research, and service activities and need for an office. The College academic space team, who will solicit additional comments from relevant department chairs, will facilitate the request process.

After April 1, the College’s Administration and Facilities Specialist will contact all faculty who have been allocated emeritus office space to confirm office selection for the upcoming year, and will notify those no longer eligible of move-out time frames and assistance.

Upon request, retired faculty members will be provided assistance to relocate from a campus office to a local home address. The College’s Administration and Facilities Specialist will coordinate these moves. All local move requests will be honored.