Miscellaneous Policies


College faculty are frequently invited and encouraged to give talks, participate on panels and in academic-related activities across campus. Because this is a normal expectation for faculty, College entities should not offer honoraria for faculty participation. However, honoraria may be granted under certain conditions.

College entities may desire to provide a small token as a ‘thank-you’ for participation. These should generally be no more than $50 in value. In line with University rules, if the token is in the form of cash or a cash equivalent, i.e. a gift card of any sort, the amount must be reported as taxable income. Token honoraria are by no means required.

Payment of honoraria by College entities is appropriate in two circumstances. First, it is proper to pay honoraria to non-ND faculty for participating in academic-related activities. Second, in situations where outside funding has been provided to support a specific academic-related activity, an appropriate honorarium may be paid. For example, a foundation grant is provided to fund a conference or colloquium where our faculty may be participants. Even though Notre Dame manages the grant and the conference/colloquium may take place on campus because there is an outside sponsor of the activity, our faculty (along with other non-University faculty) may receive appropriate honoraria for their services. When honoraria are paid, amounts should not exceed what is reasonable and typical for the particular academic service.

Please follow these guidelines for paying honoraria:

  1. No more than $500 from any combination of unrestricted funds (R&PD, departmental funds).
  2. No more than $1,000 from any combination of restricted funds (endowments, gifts, grants). 
  3. Unrestricted and restricted funds may be combined for a maximum payment of $1,500. 
  4. Honoraria above these values require divisional Associate Dean approval.