Laboratory Space

Many of our new and existing faculty members in the Social Sciences require laboratory space for their research.

New faculty: Once a candidate has accepted a job offer, early notification to the Dean’s Office is imperative in order to have the lab space ready by the negotiated date. Please e-mail the Associate Dean for the Social Sciences and the Facilities and the Academic Space Program Director. Currently, we do not have a mechanism in place that enables us to guarantee lab space. However, the Dean’s Office will make every effort to make the availability of lab space possible by working with the department and the new hire to articulate the location, timeline, and design of the lab. Please advise us by March 1 (earlier if possible) of any potential lab space needs.

Current faculty: As grant requests are submitted, please notify the Dean’s Office if they will require lab space. Provide as much detail as possible to the Associate Dean for Social Sciences and the Facilities and Academic Space Program Director.