Miscellaneous Policies

Laptops and Technology

Laptops purchased with University funds, whether directly or via reimbursement from r&pd funds, remain the property of the University.

In accordance with University policy, such laptops must be purchased through exclusive vendor arrangements to ensure discount pricing and proper minimum configuration specifications. See BuyND for details regarding IBM/Lenovo as the exclusive provider of Windows laptops. The University also contracts with Apple for Mac laptops. Generally, only laptops that are owned by the University may take advantage of University software licenses.

The College supports the mandatory use of encryption technology to secure laptop computers. All newly acquired College-owned, supplied, or supported laptop computers must have hard-disk encryption enabled. The Office of Information Technology through the Arts and Letters Computing Office has provided funding and support to implement this policy. This encryption policy applies to laptops purchased through the Computer Workstation Program (CWP), by departmental or College resources, with the use of research and professional development funds, and when a laptop purchase is reimbursed in any way with University funds. This policy applies to laptops, whether purchased through approved University channels or purchased personally and reimbursed later through University mechanisms.

Encryption reduces the security risk associated with laptop loss. Given the portable nature of laptops, encryption is required so that laptops that are either lost or stolen will not create an undue information security risk in areas such as identity theft or misuse of other personal identifying information or University data and computing resources. Encryption does not degrade laptop performance. The benefit of encryption far outweighs the associated costs.

For further information on security policies, please visit the OIT website.