Reviews, Renewals, and Promotions for TPAC and Research Faculty

Reappointment and Renewal Process

Reappointment Recommendations and Review Packets for all TPAC and Research faculty are due to the Dean's office by the first Friday in October.

All Review packets are handled electronically. Please compile the packet according to the College’s Review/Renewal Checklist.

College policy adheres to University policy for all reappointments of TPAC and Research faculty as laid out in the Academic Articles (IV.5.b,c,d,e,g):

  • “The Chairperson of the faculty member’s department or the head of the faculty member’s academic unit notifies a faculty member under consideration for reappointment or promotion in advance of the evaluation process, and the faculty member submits a statement and evidence on his or her own behalf for use in the evaluation process.” Sample notification letters are supplied by the college.
  • The Chairperson/head of the faculty member’s unit consults with the unit's CRPT or the College's Committee on Reviews and Promotions for TPAC Faculty.
  • For TPAC faculty, the chairperson submits a written recommendation to the Associate Dean for the Arts (serving as the Dean’s designate.) For Research faculty, the chairperson will do the same and submit it to the Associate Dean for Research. 

Review Packets for Renewal

Review packets are a college requirement for any TPAC and Research faculty whose multi-year contracts are up for renewal (typically associates and full) and for those on one-year contracts and in their third year since their last review (typically assistants). These packets are due to the Dean’s Office by the first Friday in October

Review Packets for TPAC and Research faculty who are recommended for non-renewal must also be received by the Dean’s office by the first Friday in October. Please see the Academic Articles (IV.3.b,c,d,e,g) for non-renewal and terminal-year contract policy.

The College strongly encourages departments to conduct reviews of TPAC and Research faculty during the spring semester, well in advance of the fall deadline, aiding in the compilation and completion of the review packet. Departments are welcome to submit their packets to the Dean’s Office in the spring or summer prior to the fall due date. 

If a TPAC or Research faculty member is housed in a department, the chairperson and the CRPT process the renewal. If a TPAC or Research faculty member is housed in a unit without a CRPT, the Director works with the College’s Committee on Reviews and Promotions for TPAC Faculty.

Reappointment Recommendations

For the reappointment of any TPAC and Research faculty on one-year contracts, there is a difference in the extent of the process in the first and second year of any three-year cycle compared with the third year when the individual will be subject to a renewal review with a review packet. In years one and two, a chairperson’s recommendation may be made using this template letter:

Dear Associate Dean (for TPAC faculty)/ Associate Dean (for Research faculty),

I recommend that (xxx) be reappointed as an (Assistant/Associate/blank) teaching professor/professor of the practice/advising professor/clinical professor/research professor from xxx to xxx. Both the Department’s CRPT and I have considered the materials submitted and we have evaluated the case.

I shall discuss with (xxx) the evaluation of (his/her) work, drawing special attention to the following areas where the TPAC/Research faculty member and I adjudged there was room for improvement: (xxxx).


(Signature of chairperson)

This reappointment recommendation can be sent via email to the appropriate Associate Dean and is due by the first Friday in October.

NOTE: For newly hired faculty in their first year, we have extended this deadline to provide sufficient time for observation. The deadline is January 10.