Departments may submit requests for space renovations in their Annual Report at the end of the academic year.

Appropriate requests will be incorporated into the campus-wide ASM (Academic Space Management) process by the Dean’s Office and prioritized by the College Space Management Committee, which includes the Assistant Director of Facilities and Academic Space, Senior Director of Finance and Administration, Program Manager of Academic Space, and the three divisional Associate Deans.

Safety is the first priority in addressing ASM renovation requests. Lab space, departmental needs, classroom needs, and building improvements are also considered. Requests are prioritized and matched strategically within the context of the College’s broader priorities and goals. The Vice President and Associate Provost and the Director of Academic Space Management review the requests from each College. At this point, the requests are again prioritized based on the availability of funds and the still broader University goals and objectives.

Under the direction of the Provost Office, the Academic Space Management committee then determines which projects are approved and notifies the Colleges in the middle of the spring semester.