Information for Chairpersons

Staff Reviews

One of the most sensitive areas that a department chairperson will encounter is the review of staff. All staff supervisors, including department chairs and directors, are required to follow the University policies and procedures regarding staff performance management and performance reviews. Performance reviews should be fair, detailed, and constructive. If you have not reviewed a member of the staff before, please contact the Senior Director of Finance and Administration or Human Resources for advice. For information and materials on performance reviews, consult the HR website eNDeavor.

We should encourage staff who want to take University-sponsored workshops in areas for which they are developing responsibilities.

Human Resources also provides training and support for staff management and performance reviews.

The Senior Director of Finance and Administration oversees the staff performance management processes for the College and establishes specific timelines and parameters for the College’s performance reviews. All completed annual staff performance reviews (due in early May) are reviewed by the Senior Director of Finance and Administration for annual merit raise consideration and as the second level supervisor for all staff in the College. Contact the Senior Director of Finance and Administration for any questions, concerns, or assistance with staff performance management or performance reviews.